Administrative Law

Silvestre Attorneys at Law gives legal advice to several local corportations from the Principality of Andorra. We have provided our services to the general administration of Andorra in a timely fashion through legal advice and representation of their interests within different jurisdictions.

We are fully aware of how complex administrative procedures may be and that citizens are in a position of evident inferiority before the administrations. This is why we offer our customers the knowledge needed to draft and file administrative appeals and access the contentious- administrative channels in all those legal issues which confront them with the different country’s administrations. Silvestre Attorneys at Law provides its customers with all the necessary resources to challenge administrative acts through:

•Legal advice on the preparation and award of public contracts in the public sector.

•Legal advice to private customers on recruitment procedures and execution of public contracts.

•Contentious-administrative channel.

•Public administration’s pecuniary responsibility.

•Appeals against administrative infringements and sanctions.

•Legal actions before financial auditing bodies.


•Aids and subsidies.

•Legal advice on Public Law in regulated sectors (financial sector, telecommunications, energy sector, pharmaceutical sector and health sector).

•Urban planning. Conventions: negotiation, drafting, processing and planning of urban development agreements. Drafting of plans and allegations.