Corporate Services

Silvestre Attorneys at Law’s department of Corporate Defense focuses on providing its corporate customers with comprehensive legal advice and defense of the company itself, the management teams and the boards of directors in the face of all challenges of globalization and international business expansion of Andorran companies, and the integration of foreign companies in the Principality of Andorra. The Corporate Service is made up of Criminal Defense, Labor-related Legal Advice and Compliance with the Regulations established by the Administration.

Design and revision of guidelines on risk assessment and control measures, by adapting protocols and procedures through management and organization models for crime prevention. Crime prevention is achieved through Regulatory Compliance Programs, which are adapted to both national and international jurisdictions thanks to the analysis of internal processes within the company, its business activity and its activity sector. In order to do so, criminal risks which might affect the company should be idenfitied. The company would also be informed about the need to introduce the appropriate prevention and control measures.

The service of Corporate Defense is also aimed at Boards of Directors (as well as their directors and executives) because they are responsible for all decisions made or still to be made to protect the company from any criminal liability. In order to do this, we help them implement a system of criminal risk prevention or Regulatory Compliance Program.

The companies which do not comply with the labor and social legislation are sometimes doomed to suspension of payments and subsequent bankruptcy because they cannot face the economic sanctions imposed by the administration or the convictions in the legal proceedings against the company initiated by the employees. All these difficulties may be avoided though the appropriate monitoring and legal advice.

Corporate customers are provided with a thorough analysis of the risks that may be caused by the non-compliance of the labor legislation. We take care of adapting the functioning of the analysis as well as solving all problems detected to comply fully with the requirements legally established in our country and to avoid sanctions by official inspection bodies. This is all done through the establishment of internal protocols and regulations by subjecting our customers, in collaboration with specialized professionals, to a thorough control of safety and health measures in the workplace.

The particularities of each activity sector require continuous legal advice regarding the requirements established by the general, local and international administrations in cases of foreign trade.

Corporate customers are provided with legal advice on their specific activity sector. We help them obtain the administrative certifications and authorizations they need to give value to their companies. Likewise, we assist our customers in their tax obligations.

In addition, in those cases in which our corporate customers decide to bid for a public contract, our team will analyse all conditions and clauses, supervise the public tender offer and carefully monitor all the bid process until awarding of the works.