Criminal Law

Legal representation and counsel before all criminal courts, even at the Police department, providing help to suspects and people under arrest. We take care of both the criminal defense and private prosecution. We are experts in all of the branches of Criminal Law:

•Offenses against human life.

•Offenses against the socioeconomic order.

•Offenses against sexual freedom.

•Offenses against family relationships.

•Offenses against workers’ rights.

•Offenses against public health.

•Offenses against public order.

•Offenses against the Administration of Justice.


•Offenses against physical and moral integrity.

•Offenses against individual freedom.

•Offenses against honor and privacy.

•Offenses against property.

•Offenses against public safety.

•Environmental crimes.

•Offenses against the Constitution.

•Offenses against the security of legal transactions.

We also provide prevention-oriented services, especially in economic criminal law and corporate defense. Following the steps of our neighboring countries, the principle of “societas delinquere non potest” is no longer in our legal system. This is the reason why legal entities shall be liable, in some cases civilly and in others also criminally, for offenses committed on their behalf, for their own benefit, by their legal representatives, de facto administrators or administrators in law. Legal entities shall also be responsible for any offenses commited by their employees owing to a lack of proper supervision of the latter.

Beyond civil liability established in the articles 97 and 98 of our Criminal Code, the legislation on the laundering of money, securities or assets of the article 409 and related articles implies the need for the establishment of a careful control at a business level, especially in sectors which are particularly sensitive. In accordance with the guidelines and assessments of the Financial Action Task Force (GAFI in Catalan), the recommendations of Moneyval and the implementation of the EU legislations by commitments entered into under the Monetary agreement with the EU, it is required to inform and warn the entities bound by the obligation. This is when corporate defense is all the more vital for companies.

Silvestre Attorneys at Law provides its corporate customers with a comprehensive defense when facing possible risks of criminal prosecution affecting their companies through:

•Continuous training of our staff.

•Criminal multi-jurisdictional analysis for companies.

•Crime risk assessment and coordination of criminal defenses in the jurisdictions where the business activity takes place.

•Monitoring of criminal liability within the company.

•Criminal forensic defense for the company.

••Prevention of criminal risks in the company.