Family Law and successions

Break-ups always entail serious consequences affecting family relationships, especially minors. Our team is ideally suited to deal with these problems because it has a wide experience in this field. We always attempt to find the best solution to solve any conflict. Likewise, we give our customers legal advice on marriage and the consequences of a separacion, divorce or break-up of the couple.

•Disabilities and guardianships.

•Becoming a common-law couple.

•Legal separations and divorces.

•Child custody and visiting arrangements.

•Child support and alimonies.

•Liquidation of matrimonial property regime.

•Interim measures.

•Provisional measures in cases of urgent needs.

A person’s demise causes many doubts regarding the decedent’s estate: its assets, what to do with them, how to properly distribute them, the existence (or not) of debts, etc. Family members and third parties with possibilities for inheriting may be summoned during the succession procedures, since they have rights in the decedent’s assets and may also have obligations. Our law office provides proper legal advice to manage and distribute the testator’s assets as established in our legal system, in the clear respect of the principle of “favor testamenti”.

•Estate planning.

•Exercise of executors’ functions and role.

•Declaration of heirs.

•Acceptance of inheritance with benefit of inventory.

•Usufructs and transfer of bare ownership.

•Claim for legitime.

•Last will certificate.

•Renouncing an inheritance.