Fundamental Rights

At Silvestre Attorneys at Law we carry out all the necessary actions to protect our customers’ fundamental rights, both in the course of proceedings through ordinary legal remedies and extraordinary proceedings of Habeas Corpus and Emercency and Preferential procedures as provided in the Constitution:


•Article 9.3. The law shall establish a procedure so that the detained may request the court to decide about the lawfulness of the detention. Likewise the law shall establish the procedure to restore the impaired fundamental rights of any person under detention.


•Article 41.1. The rights and freedoms recognised in chapters III and IV are protected by regular courts through urgent and preferent proceedings regulated by law, which in any case shall be transacted in two instances.


Likewise, we initiate proceedings for the annulment of any actions which might violate our customers’ right to jurisdiction and fundamental rights, as guaranteed by the article 10 of the Constitution, in the course of any ordinary proceedings.

On behalf of our customers, we also exercise the right of reply and to rectification in accordance with the Qualified Law 30/2014 on civil protection of the right to personal intimacy, honor and one’s own image.