• Degree in Law.
    University of Barcelona.
  • Graduate Degree in Andorran Law.
    University of Andorra.


  • Criminal law.
  • Economic criminal law.

In prospect:

  • Degree in Criminology.

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Degree in Law from the University of Barcelona in 2014, with distinction in Criminal Law, and Graduate Degree in Andorran Law from the University of Andorra in 2015. Practicing lawyer since 2014 at Silvestre Attorneys at Law.

She did an internship both at the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Andorra in 2012 and at Silvestre Attorneys at Law in 2013. The abovementioned professional experiences allowed her to have her first contact with the Andorran legal world and its particularities and differences from the Spanish legal system.

She combined her Graduate Degree in Andorran Law with the exercise of Law. Nowadays, she continues her studies in Criminology.