Laboral Law

At Silvestre Attorneys at Law, we provide you with all services specitic to the work sphere affecting the company and/or the employees through proper legal avice adapted to each situation, including all legal and/or administrative actions depending on the case (Andorran Social Security Fund, Labor Inspection Services, Immigration Service). Our team of attorneys will assess the situation and find an effective solution to solve any conflict.

We have a Labor Law area dedicated to solving all matters related to labor relations, both between employers and employees. Among others, we carry out the following actions:

•Legal advice on safety and hygiene measures in the workplace.

•Drafting of all kind of employment contracts depending on:

– The company’s needs and structure.
– Exclusivity, confidentiality and non-competition agreements.
– Geographical and functional mobility.

•Withdrawals from contracts, dismissals, disciplinary violations and sanctions.

•Preparation and drafting of action handbooks and protocols for employees.

•Legal advice on the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements.

•Drafting of and challenge to disciplinary violations and sanctions.

•Legal defense in labor proceedings.

•Legal assistance and advice before:

– The Labor Inspection Services.

– The Andorran Social Security Fund.

•Work accidents.

•We write the appropriate administrative appeals in cases of debts with the administrations stemming from breaches of employment regulations.

•DLegal defense and assistance in court and out-of-court labor proceedings.

•Termination of the employment relationship at the request of the company or the employee.