Practice areas

Defense of citizens’ fundamental rights in all jurisdictional areas through extraordinary judicial procedures as provided in the Constitution.

Criminal defense and prosecution. Becoming a civil party in criminal proceedings. Assistance when suspects and people under arrest make statements before the Andorra Police Department.

Leases. Claims for payment. Writs of possession. Establishing usufructs. Civil purchase and sell. Establishing in rem guarantees between individuals.

Companies. Foreign investment. Legal counseling for Boards of Directors. Commercial contracts. Data protection. New technologies. Liquidations. Opening of new companies. Bankruptcy.

Administrative and contentious-administrative appeals. Allegations and pleas. Challenge to administrative acts and regulations. Urban planning. Expropriations. Immigration. Local and general administration.

Separation. Divorce and marriage annulment. Divorce settlement agreement. Adoptions and withdrawal of parental authority. Common-law couples. Child support. Successions. Declaration of heirs. Challenge to wills.

Employment contracts. Safety, health and hygiene protection in the workplace. Withdrawal from contracts. Dismissals. Violations and sanctions. Action handbooks and protocols. Collective bargaining agreement. 

Allegations, pleas, appeals and challenges via administrative proceedings. Invalidity pensions. Monitoring and reviewing of expert medical reports in cases of invalidity.

Exequaturs. Extraditions. Execution of foreign sentences. European Court of Human Rights. International coordination of cases and proceedings.