The firm


Silvestre Attorneys at Law is a multidisciplinary law firm founded in 1999 by Josep Silvestre Cánovas. Josep Silvestre has a degree in Law from the University of Navarra and later specialized in European Community Law, European Communities and European Union. He worked in the General Council (Parliament of Andorra) as a secretary of the legislative committees and he later founded his own law office, which made him the youngest person to ever become a member of the Andorra Bar Association.

Nowadays, Silvestre Attorneys at Law has a reputation for being committed to criminal defense and fundamental rights. Along with this specialty, the multidisciplinary nature of our team has allowed us to grow in every aspect of Law practice, since we have given legal advice within the Andorran public sector, as well as to companies and individuals within the field of criminal law, civil law, commercial law, labor law and administrative law.

Silvestre Attorneys at Law has consolidated its position on the legal market, as it has entered other foreign jurisdictions through the defense of the interests of our customers in Spain, France and the United States.